Emotional AI: Revolutionary Tool For Customer Service and Marketing? - AI & Machine Learning Tech Brief

Synapses in the brain trigger more than just deep thoughts; they are also responsible for an amazing range of feelings. Our minds encompass the ability for intellect and emotion, so as we continue to explore the capacity for machine learning to augment human industry, developers are looking for applications and methods to encompass artificial emotional intelligence. Using sensors to read human emotional cues like facial expressions or tone of voice, computers collect data about feelings that ca

Don't Give Up – Words From A Warrior

What keeps you going? What is motivation? We talk about this concept all the time, but what does it truly mean to keep following your dreams? There may not be a one-size-fits-all answer for everyone, but for Edwin Soler, it’s his planner that became his companion through a tough time in life. How did he do it? Somewhat the grit of his own personal style for shouldering difficulty, but also by making the most of the world at his hands…or in his case, the one at his fingertips. In a voice best de

Selecting by Testing – What Types to Use - Successful Business News

Selecting by Testing – What Types to Use When the applicant pool is wide and deep, recruiting is a tough job. Separating potential candidates from others who won’t fit might be an easy first step, but then comes the daunting task of fine-tuning the placement to pick the one person who is most qualified. Luckily, tools exist that can help. When it comes to hiring, an assessment test may be the fastest way to secure the right person for the job. These tests offer efficient ways to weed through a

Why You Should Practice Corporate Philanthropy - Successful Business News

Why You Should Practice Corporate Philanthropy Companies that engage in philanthropic activities are more likely to see gains in their employee productivity and retention. For one reason, highly socially aware employees appreciate the chance to contribute to causes that matter, and another, most employees enjoy extra-curricular activities that elevate their work-days out of the ordinary. Overall, employees will experience greater work-place satisfaction that translates into higher rates of prod

5 Books Small Business Owners Should Read - Successful Business News

As a small business owner, only you set the tone or appoint direction for the enterprise. Therefore, the onus to stay abreast of relevant business practices falls to you. You must learn as much as you can to stay ahead of the game. As a small business owner, only you set the tone or appoint direction for the enterprise. Therefore, the onus to stay abreast of relevant business practices falls to you. You must learn as much as you can to stay ahead of the game. Though it isn’t always possible

Small Business Retreats - Successful Business News

If you’ve ever gone on vacation and returned feeling renewed, then you’ll understand the popularity of a small business retreat. The concept of leaving the office behind and bringing the team to an off-site, special destination follows the same vein as a vacation. A retreat offers the chance for a team to refresh and return to work in a better state of mind. Unlike a 1:1 in your office or a conference center townhall, informal retreat meetings break the mold and give the team a chance work outs

Let’s Talk Ethics: Big Data’s Bigger Issues - AI & Machine Learning Tech Brief

Thanks to Big Data, today’s information is constantly streaming; whether it’s news, sports, entertainment, or business, there is always something churning on the web. While having all this data at our virtual fingertips represents the latest technological breakthroughs, it is worth considering the ethical ramifications of this instant consumption. Traditionally, Big Data has been primarily tasked with data mining. Insurance claims, costs, and incidence rates are collected nation-wide to constan

An Analysis of The American AI Initiative - AI & Machine Learning Tech Brief

An Analysis of The American AI Initiative On February 11, 2019, the President signed an executive order to address the need for an AI strategy. The order signifies that we’re way beyond looking at AI as a sci-fi novelty and recognizes that this tech is the future. We had better be ready. Keeping Up With The Competition The urgency of the American AI Initiative comes on the heels of other countries’ announcements of their forward-thinking AI strategies, led by Canada’s Pan-Canadian AI Strategy

Deep-Sea Charter | Adventure Fishing Charter | Valentines Day

If your couch has dual ruts from you and your spouse watching T.V., put down the remote! Couples who participate in activities and share experiences have much more on which to build their relationship; you can’t keep talking about what’s for dinner or which show to watch if you still want to feel magical together in ten years. Instead, look for activities that add thrills that you can talk about for years to come. What is something you’ve never done before? What is something that will really pu

Make YOUrself A Priority In The New Year

Too often, we don’t set aside time for ourselves, and by the end of the year, we feel haggard and worn out. Give yourself some time this year and think about some goals meant just for you. 1. Make Time. We never seem to have enough time. At the end of the day, we lament that we didn’t get more done in the time we had allotted. Truly, there is plenty of time if we pay attention to our day and the amount of time we waste. One reason we waste time is to relieve stress. Too often, we let our stres

Countdown To Human Level AI - AI & Machine Learning Tech Brief

On the journey to human-level AI, we’re all in the backseat of the car, asking scientist and developers, “Are we there yet?!” We’ve bought into the concept of AI, we like the idea that machine intelligence can get work done, and we’re anxious to see a robot greet us at the door with a smile while it takes our coat and asks about our day. We believe it’s all possible, but the question of arrival remains; when, when, when will this happen? The answers are anywhere from within the next 10 years to

The New Year Is About New Experiences, Take A Deep-Sea Florida Fishing Charter

It’s this time of year when we reflect on the past and make lists about future resolutions. It’s a time of clear perspective that really lets us think about where we have been and where we want to go. This year, think about going somewhere that you may have never been before: on a Florida Deep Sea Fishing Charter. What’s New To You For most of us, we anticipate a break in Spring when we plan a vacation. Whether it’s with your family or a group of friends, the majority of us like to head to Flo

AI - Jumping from the Third-age to the Fourth-age of Industry - AI & Machine Learning Tech Brief

AI - Jumping from the Third-age to the Fourth-age of Industry When technological advancements affect industry, we see major spikes in the timeline as these periods are marked by innovation and significant change. What does it look like to stand inside one of these peaks as part of history-in-the-making? Let’s find out and peer into the new Age of Industry created by AI. When the Internet became popular in the mid-1990’s, it heralded the Fourth Age of industry. Unrelated aspects of daily life t

Data from the Skies: The Influence of Drone Technology On Analytics - AI & Machine Learning Tech Brief

Data from the Skies: The Influence of Drone Technology On Analytics In their nascent days, drones were military tools for surveillance or used as weaponry. The concept soon took on novelty status as civilians began to own them. Soon, drones entered ethics discussions as their use and capabilities bumped against privacy and territory rights. The notoriety of drones used to spy on celebrities by paparazzi launched them into mainstream awareness, but this usage also established drones as a new too

Risk and Rewards of Cloud Computing: Tolerance Factors For Adopting Cloud Storage - AI & Machine Learning Tech Brief

Risk and Rewards of Cloud Computing: Tolerance Factors For Adopting Cloud Storage There are some who liken adopting new technology to slowly dipping a toe into the waters, and then there are those who cannon-ball into the deep end, the early-adopters. Both approaches to technology represent the state of mind when it comes to risk versus reward; how much risk would you take for what amount of reward? For a closer look at risk tolerance, let’s explore the advent of cloud computing that revolutio

Nomadic Users: Cloud Computing and Millennials - AI & Machine Learning Tech Brief

Cloud Computing allows for data to be stored in a decentralized fashion, allowing access to those with the right security credentials, no matter the device. As a result of the portable nature of file storage and sharing, a new type of user has cropped up: the Nomad, one who rejects the need for hardware and who is a direct by-product of the benefits of cloud computing which uses far less hardware per user than individual PCs or even centralized servers for a company – And it’s no surprise that

Florida Fishing Charters Offer It All – Relaxation and Adventure in One

There are many types of vacations to take, but a Florida fishing charter is all-in-one, a relaxing, exciting, and life-altering experience that will make you rethink a typical Florida vacation. 1. Rest and Relaxation. The fishing charter provides plenty of relaxation. Depending on the type of catch you choose to fish, there may be plenty of time to rest while you head out to see or troll along the shoreline. Enjoy sitting deck-side as the craft streams through the water, sunning yourself on dec

Remember More With Your Best Planner Ever

Memory is tricky. For example, have you ever called a client and promptly forgotten the reason for the call once she answered? Or, did you struggle to recall the name of the person shaking your hand right now even though you clearly remember the conference at which you met? What is the deal with our brains??! Well, a lot. Memory requires quite a bit of brain power and processes, and it involves your whole body. Scientists believe we all carry 80-100 billion nerve cells, or about as many stars a

Car Accidents Cause Long Term Injuries, Sometimes for Life - How to Get Fair Compensation

Life can change in an instant, and for anyone who has experienced a car accident, then you know the truth of it. One second, your world is fine, and in the next, you have been struck by another vehicle, injured, and forever affected by that moment in time. Tragically, many accident victims suffer long term chronic injuries from car accidents, enduring a lifetime of pain. For those of you who feel pain on a daily basis, you understand that even the simplest of tasks or natural gestures are no lo
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